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Cost from as little as £3 per child to learn the self and peer massage sequences in school! Don’t delay, book your workshops today!

What is Peer Massage?

Peer massage is Child to child massage. Where a child firstly asks permission from another child if they would like a massage. They get the thumbs up! The child then massages through the clothes a short massage story onto their partner’s back, head, shoulders and arms. Their partner is asked to let them know if anything feels uncomfortable at any time.

Think of a story… Visualize it in a picture form… Now let your hands flow, have fun and imagine that your hands are painting… Your hands are translating… Communicating the story on to a special canvas… The canvas is someones back!

With Peer Massage Children learn how to communicate intuitively with their hands, they learn in a fun and yet profound way how their hands can tell a story.

By listening to stories with relaxing, exciting and stimulating music, children learn self massage sequences and peer massage sequences helped along by simple sketches and key catch phrases. These in turn help them remember different massage strokes and motivate even them to develop and imagine their own.

Who would like to sink into soft, squidgy marshmallow land… or journey to intriguing, inspirational, illuminating India, with its riot of colour and exhilarating music!

You can and children can with The Peer Massage Project®!

In Vivienne Simberg’s book “The Introductory guide to the healing practice of touch” she describes the amazing benefits of massage.

What is Positive Touch?

  • We greet someone by shaking their hand – this is Positive Touch!
  • We reach out and place a hand on someone’s shoulder to comfort and reassure them – this is Positive Touch!
  • We pat someone on the back to congratulate and praise them – this is Positive Touch!
  • If children fall down and hurt themselves we often say “Rub it better!” – this is Positive and Instinctive Touch!
  • Positive Touch is learning about safe, simple self and peer massage sequences done through the clothing.

“Massage is a safe and effective combination of techniques that almost anyone can learn. It is a holistic therapy and offers benefits for the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of the person giving the massage as well as the person receiving it. It works well on young and old, male and female and can even be applied as a self help therapy.”

Massage is truly a gift of positive touch! - Vivienne Simberg