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Cost from as little as £3 per child to learn the self and peer massage sequences in school! Don’t delay, book your workshops today!

How is it taught?

The beauty of The Peer Massage Project® is that the teaching comes to you in your school.

Stage One – Orientation Phase

Training teachers and children in their own school. A three hour workshop for teachers and two x 30 to 40 minute workshops for children to learn basic self and peer massage. Each child must have parental consent to attend these workshops.

This phase ensures that effective governance procedures are in place and that teachers and children gain the required skills and knowledge.

Stage Two – Implementation Phase

The Implementation Phase is Stage Two in which the school, teachers and children use their skills to embed the short activities in the PMP into their daily teaching regimes.

NB – Carole is always on hand to give advice and guidance during this phase should the school need it.

Stage Three – Ongoing Development

Stage Three encompasses Ongoing Development. The purpose of this stage is to further expand the proficiency of teachers and children with more advanced training in new massage sequences and the use of massage stories. Carole encourages schools to run workshops for their new teachers each year and to run “Recap, inspire and learn new massage stories” refresher workshops to keep the momentum and enthusiasm alive.

There are also workshops for Parents and their children, workshops to learn how to write massage stories and a workshop about anger management – “It’s cool to be Calm!”

There is no need to send teachers individually on expensive courses; I come to you and teach the school as a whole. Beginning firstly with the teachers and staff, I give the entire teaching group the valuable practical experience of working together, learning spontaneously, with fellow-feeling, sympathy, empathy and emotional involvement.

I then progress to similar practical workshops with the children. By learning as a whole teaching group you will collectively have the drive, commitment, enthusiasm and passion to pass on the wonderful benefits to all your students. You will have the knowledge and first hand experience to support each other and take the Project from strength to strength with regular refresher courses from The Peer Massage Project®

Health and safety aspects are covered as are contraindications and most importantly consent to give and receive massage from the parents and children them-selves.

Once the staff understand and feel comfortable with The Peer Massage Project®, The excitement begins…it’s the children’s turn…their turn to learn about The Peer Massage Project® in the safety of their classroom. Now with teachers and support staff present, I guide the children through the wonders of Peer Massage, planting the seeds for you as teachers to grow and nurture.

“Members of staff who have embedded peer massage into their regular classroom practice have reported a very positive impact on their pupils & general class ethos.”

Jessica Stodart, Deputy Head Teacher, Tolworth Junior School