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Case Studies

View some of the projects we have been involved with in schools

Schools trained in peer massage project

Alexander Infant School

Alexandra Infants launched peer massage into their school in 2008 and to show their commitment to the project have just trained all their Teaching Assistants and support staff in October 2014. Pauline Sharratt, Deputy Head is dedicated to ensuring the children feel nurtured in school and the Peer Massage Project and her love of yoga are two strategies that are supporting her vision to help children feel calm and relaxed and happy!

Burstow Primary

In 2010 Mrs. Lynch , Behaviour Support Coordinator and Mrs. Spindler Deputy Head introduced Peer massage into their wonderful WEB room, ie. The Well-being and Emotional Belonging Room, as a strategy for children to use to help calm themselves down and feel happy.

Coombe Hill Infants

Since 2009, on special Healthy Days, in the peace and serenity of their Log cabin, the children of Coombe Hill Infants quietly practice self and peer massage stories

In peer massage project workshops. Learning new stories every year the school has built up a lovely repertoire and are now proud to have their own Marvellous Mini beast massage story created by year 2, with music composed and played by their teacher Mr. Collyer.

Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is a shining example of a school that has immersed itself into using The Peer Massage Project. From using peer massage in class, to having a massage club, running parent and children massage workshops and training new teachers every year, the school is a wonderful supporter of The Peer Massage Project. Deputy Head Anna McKenna saw a presentation of The Peer Massage Project in 2010, she understood the benefits massage could bring to children and teachers and the school has never looked back. The massage club children are about to record their first massage story about the Vikings!

Green Lane Primary

It is thanks to Green Lane that there is the first ever massage story DVD! In 2010 the Year6 Children confidently rolled up one morning and were filmed by a special camera crew, while they demonstrated perfectly the “A journey to India Massage Story!” It is also in Green Lane that the first ever massage stories written by Year 4 Children were recorded onto CD.

Head Teacher Sally Berlemont, first introduced the project in 2009 and then in 2014 she arranged for the whole school to be trained again! Green Lane are true advocates of The Peer Massage Project!

Kingston Welcare and Families Connect

The health and wellbeing of families and children in and around Kingston is of paramount importance to Project Manager Marjie Grant and Social Worker Sue Bradford. Their work is invaluable in helping so many parents feel part of their local community; they give support, advice and inspire confidence. The Peer Massage Project was introduced to help teach parents and children about relaxation and give them a simple, fun toolkit to aid effective intervention.

Kirkdale St Lawrence

Kirkdale are in their third year of using The Peer Massage Project. Their enthusiasm for using positive touch is infectious! Moreover, it is wonderful to see how the staff enjoy practicing the massage stories in their workshops and how they are so eager to help their colleagues relax and benefit from the massage.

The children are just as enthusiastic and wonderfully proficient in using the peer massage. Thank you to SENCO Emma Cottom for having the confidence to invest in The Peer Massage Project and to Head Teacher Jill Forshaw for her continued support.


*Latchmere and Deputy Head Kevin Hogston were the catalyst for The Peer Massage Project back in 2007! Thanks to his support and the amazing enthusiasm of the children, peer massage has been practiced regularly throughout the school in class and in the relaxing blue room. Latchmere were involved in the research study in 2010 which helped identify that The Peer Massage Project has a positive impact upon all specified elements of class behaviour, attitudes and learning!

*Kevin Hogston is now Head Teacher at Collis Primary School Teddington.


Meadlands have been using The Peer Massage Project since 2009 when Deputy Head Alex Colclough wanted to introduce more strategies to encourage and teach children how to feel relaxed and calm. The school still practice peer massage regularly and are lucky to have their own Aromatherapist, Celia Day on site to guide and help the children. The School inspired the massage story, The Flight of The Meadlands Mallard Duck. A wonderful story to encourage confidence and self-esteem in children.

Sayes Court

Having already seen the benefits of using peer massage whilst at Tolworth Juniors, Rochelle Richmond on becoming Deputy Head of Sayes Court introduced The Peer Massage Project to her new school in 2013. It is so encouraging to see the teachers and children becoming experts in using the peer massage. Sayes Court were the first school to run the anger management workshop “Its cool to be calm!”- Keep up the great work- thumbs up for positive touch!


As Head of *Sheringdale, Kevin Hogston introduced Peer massage to the school in 2011. For several Christmas Fairs the children have wowed their parents by running a very popular Massage stall offering simple hand massages or back massages through the clothes! Each year the Year 6 children have a special workshop prior to their Sats exams to help them feel relaxed and calm. Year 6 inspired the massage story Water Cycle and The Mathematical Massage Story!

*Kevin Hogston is now Head Teacher at Collis Primary School Teddington.

Tolworth Infants

Anita Maynard, as SENCO, had watched the Junior school use the Peer Massage Project, and wanted the Infant school to also experience the benefits of using self and peer massage. Thus in 2010, Tolworth Infants from Nursery to Year 2 were all trained in Positive Touch and have gone from strength to strength in their expertise. The children in the Harbour inspired a new version of the massage story Twinkle, Twinkle.

Tolworth Juniors

Tolworth are wonderful advocates and enthusiasts of peer massage. In 2009, Jess Stoddart , Acting Head, was keen to help children feel relaxed and calm in their surroundings, to be prepared for learning and thus introduced the Peer Massage Project to teachers and children. Rachel Nye now Head teacher of both the juniors and Infants has continued with her support and belief in the project.

The school train new teachers every year and learn new massage stories every year , they have workshops for parents and children and have special workshops for Year 6 before their Sats.They inspired the Building, Learning Power massage story .

Other schools who have participated in using the Peer Massage Project

Burlington Junior School, Christ Church Surbiton, Holy Cross Kingston, Malden Parochial School.

“Emotional wellbeing is at the heart of our philosophy helping children understand themselves and their peers while creating a climate of empathy and understanding. Carole has been teaching peer massage at Latchmere for 4 years now and has also run a highly successful after school club in our relaxation room called the Blue Room. The children and staff love Carole’s calm and caring approaching to massage.”

Kevin Hogston, deputy Head, Latchmere School

(Kevin Hogston is now Head Teacher at Collis Primary School Teddington.)

Kevin Hogston is now Head of Collis Primary School in Teddington, where his vision to help enrich the mental and physical wellbeing of all children continues. The school recently began enjoying the wonderful benefits of meditation and mindfulness and plans are now being made to introduce Positive Touch and The Peer Massage Project to the school.

The concept will be presented to parents and carers and then self and peer massage workshops will be rolled out to teachers and children.