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Cost from as little as £3 per child to learn the self and peer massage sequences in school! Don’t delay, book your workshops today!


Teachers Comments

“The children at Green Lane benefitted hugely from the Peer Massage Project. Pupils who were perhaps a little unsure at first soon became comfortable through Carole’s professional and caring manner. Seeing how much the children grew in confidence and empathy with one another was a delight.”

Sally Berlemont

Headteacher, Green Lane primary school, Worcester Park

“All the children and staff at Kirkdale St Lawrence have embraced Peer Massage over the past two years and the children and staff look forward to these times in the week.
Following a peer massage session the children are in a much better frame of mind for work and calmness is more apparent in the classroom. The younger children really enjoy the massage stories and we have used them throughout the curriculum.

We have recently had a Health and Wellbeing week in school and as part of the week we invited parents and children to come into school to take part in peer massage. It went really well and had quite a good rersponse- about 18 people in total.”

Mrs. Emma Cottom TLR

SENCO, Kirkdale St Lawrence, Liverpool

“Every school needs a Carole approach to peer massage! She brings a well structured yet simple programme which enhances the emotional health and well being of children and adults alike.”

Pauline Sharratt

Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Manager, Alexandra Infant school

“We have been involved with the Positive Touch project for over 3 years and would highly recommend other schools taking part. Following the wonderful training led by Carole, our staff felt confident to lead massage sessions with their classes. The impact of the sessions has been very positive, with an audit showing that often children were able to concentrate and focus more on their learning after a massage session had taken place. We use massage in a variety of ways including massage stories to compliment our curriculum and self massage after a particularly boisterous break time!

“Carole’s calm, positive and professional manner has inspired us to develop more massage stories to support learning as the curriculum changes.”

“We run a very successful massage club”

“Carole offers after school sessions for parents and children to explore the benefit of massage together, with the children sharing their expertise”

Anna McKenna

Deputy Head, Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School

“I cannot recommend Carole enough. She is a positive, creative and innovative trainer who makes all adults and children feel extremely cared for and comfortable. She is one of the most helpful, reflective, calm and professional people I have ever had the privilege of working with.”

Jessica Stodart

Deputy Head, Tolworth Junior School

“For the last two years Carole has undertaken lectures and practical sessions on the Peer Massage Project with year three undergraduate student teachers.  It was important to know that the Project is based on research and Carole presents the findings of the research to the students before engaging in the practical session. The findings of the research link closely to current and ongoing issues in education such as behaviour, class attitudes and class learning.

With her bubbly, engaging and calm approach, Carole manages to fully engage all participants in the practical session. The students  not only develop a deeper understanding of the positive effects of relaxation but also how positive touch through story telling has the potential to be part of a kinaesthetic  learning process.  Students leave with a sense of calmness as well as with an understanding of the potential of enhancing children’s learning and well-being in a safe environment based on underpinning theory.

I highly recommend Carole as a truly inspirational speaker.”

Bron Cullum

Senior Lecturer, Kingston University

“Emotional wellbeing is at the heart of our philosophy helping children understand themselves and their peers while creating a climate of empathy and understanding. Carole has been teaching peer massage at Latchmere for 4 years now and has also run a highly successful after school club in our relaxation room called the Blue Room.

The children and staff love Carole’s calm and caring approaching to massage. Massage has helped the pupils develop ways to relax, calm down, increases self awareness and trust – a truly beneficial, educational and holistic experience for everyone.”

Kevin Hogston

Deputy Head Teacher, Latchmere Primary School, (Kevin Hogston is now Head Teacher at Collis Primary School in Teddington)

“Carole’s training was invaluable in helping us to embed Peer Massage within our school ethos. She led a sensitive and practical training session for our staff which we thoroughly enjoyed and in addition provided detailed instructions of how to implement Peer Massage in our classes. Carole has a generous, ‘can-do’ attitude and we have really appreciated her flexibility.

The children loved their workshops with Carole and as a result of these a ‘buzz’ was created in school around Peer Massage which made it much easier for the teachers to launch the project. Following the workshops we have purchased a class set of cushions and throws for relaxation purposes and an aromatherapy fan and oils. This practice is already having a positive impact on teaching and learning by improving readiness to learn and well-being. Many thanks.”

Alexandra Kenyon

Deputy Headteacher, Meadlands School in Ham

“I would not hesitate to recommend Carole McGrath & we will continue to value her input & ideas in controlling behaviour, calming situations & encouraging the children to take care of their bodies.”

Suzanne Robertson

Reception Class Teacher, Coombe Hill Infant School

The following testimonials were given by parents at Welcare Charity in Kingston, after a series of Workshops run in October and November 2015.

“I really enjoyed it.”

“Surprised how much the children joined in and enjoyed the massage.”

“The massage really helped the children relax, and thought it would be good to use at bedtime to help the children calm down.”

“Positive touch was great experience and very relaxing.”

After the session Parents said “they felt more relaxed,” and ” it was a great experience” and” felt they would continue to do it at home.”

“Well-organized informative sessions very well received by both parents, carers and children. Really useful addition to parents toolkit, a simple fun and effective intervention.”
– A WelCare worker observing the session was delighted that everyone had fun and enjoyed a new experience

“The class is very good to give us relaxation and make us feel good”.

“They really enjoyed the massage to music and rhymes.”

“It is truly a Positive touch.”

“More please.”

“I like the tutor very much.”

Parents Comments

Great, excellent!
Relaxing fun!
Informative and relaxing- thank you!
Lovely to take time out of busy lives to spend quality time with your child.
Very relaxing, lovely way to interact with your nearest and dearest.
Excellent very informative helpful wind down.
We enjoyed the session so much.
I had the best quality time with my son!

Parent testimonials

Workshop at Tolworth Juniors, 30th April 2015

Childrens Comments

“Massage is good for you if you had a bad break and to show that you can trust your partner.”


“I think it’s good because if you have had a bad playtime you can go there and relax.”


“Massage is a great way to relax after a bad break. Letting someone massage you is great way to show you can trust them.”


“I think that massage is a great skill to have because it calms you down after a hectic playtime.”


“I think massage is good for you because if you are not having a good playtime you can get a massage and get rid of anger or sadness.”


“I think that massage is good for you because it de-stresses you and makes you relaxed. Also it is a good way to show one and other that you can trust them.”


“Massage is good for you because it helps you to relax.”


“I think that massage is a great skill to learn because it’s really calming and you help other people.”


“Massage is a nice and calm experience. It makes you feel weightless. You can put aside all your fears and worries.”


“I think that massage is a good way to relax if you have had a bad day. It also takes stress out of you.”


“I think that massage is good for you because if you have had an argument at break, it helps you calm down and forget the argument that you had.”


“Massage is good for you because it helps you to relax after a hectic day.”