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Cost from as little as £3 per child to learn the self and peer massage sequences in school! Don’t delay, book your workshops today!

The Benefits

No need to ask the children at the end of a massage session how they feel…their smiles and sighs will say it all!

The Peer Massage Project®  has had wonderful positive feedback from children of all age groups , moreover, research and studies show that :-

  • Children learn to differentiate between good and bad touch….they learn Positive Touch
  • Children feel relaxed and calmer after a massage (see testimonials)
  • Their heart rate drops (actual recorded data from Latchmeres Junior School)
  • Breathing is deeper and calmer and thus more efficient
  • Self esteem and confidence are boosted
  • Friendship and respect are enhanced
  • Bullying and aggressive behaviour becomes less frequent
  • Children learn how to express their feelings
  • Massage encourages audio, visual and kinaesthetic learning
  • Massage boosts the immune system by lowering levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that weakens the immunity
  • Massage is a mood enhancer: it induces relaxation and wellbeing and raises levels of oxytocin, a hormone which helps to lower negative emotions
  • Massage can help to harmonize and nurture the body and mind
  • Peer massage works to promote the social and emotional aspects of learning
  • No child should  feel pressured to give or receive peer massage because each child must always ask the other for their consent to massage
  • All children should be included in the workshop sessions as they can learn even from just watching and listening.

What children at Christ Church School year 5 have said about Peer Massage…

“Very relaxing, lifts my soul and calms us”



“It was a fantastic element of relaxation”



“I liked the cup bit”



“Such a lovely sensation! Brilliant! Loved it!”


“I loved the massage”



“Every school needs a Carole approach to peer massage! She brings a well structured yet simple programme which enhances the emotional health and well being of children and adults alike.”

Pauline Sharratt

Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Manager, Alexandra Infant school